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The following are actual Avvo Ignite client reviews for services provided by our attorney, Wiley Nickel and the staff here at The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC. Contact our office today for help with your legal issue! (919) 948-7159wiley

A Champion for Justice

“Wiley Nickel goes out of his way to seek justice for his clients. He listens and does not judge. He offers suggestions based on the law and involves his clients in the decision making process from start to finish.

As a defense attorney he speaks on behalf of his clients and is a recognized as a person of strength and integrity in the court room. If he doesn’t like the first response in a courtroom conversation, he continues to work for a positive outcome. Wiley is a champion for his clients and one you want on your side.”


Speeding ticket

This was my first speeding ticket and was scared. Mr. Nickel clearly explained what my options are, didn’t make any false commitments and they did well in getting my speeding ticket reduced. They were quick in response and also kept be updated regularly, i didn’t have to follow up on anything, they stayed on top of things. Mr. Nickel and team thanks for being there.


Call Wiley and get it handled

“I contacted Wiley with a ball of mess including expired registration tickets, no operator’s license, driving with license revoked, failure to appear and (unbeknownst to me) an order for arrest. I was frantic and beside myself having had no sort of situation like this happen to me before. He and his team made sure to give me all the information I needed to take the necessary actions and provide him with documentation to resolve the issues as quickly possible and also handled my nerves with considerable kindness.

It can happen to anyone, folks. Just call Wiley and get it handled. His level of service is well worth the fee 🙂  Thank you, Wiley!!!”


Speeding Ticket in Wake County, N.C.

“I recently got a speeding ticket in Wake County, N.C. I called Mr. Nickel and he and his team handled this legal matter for me in a professional, friendly and extremely competent manner for a very reasonable fee – $270 covered my court costs, fines and legal fee. My driving record was good and after reviewing it and representing me they were able to obtain a resolution that I am pleased with. They kept me informed, explained the process to me in terms I could understand and did everything they said they would do when they were suppose to do it. I received a mailbox full of letters from other attorneys offering to represent me. They may also do a good job… I don’t know. I do Know that I would recommend Mr. Nickel’s law firm to anyone who needs legal help. The only good thing about my speeding ticket, other than getting me to slow down, was the way this law firm handled it for me.”


Wrongful conviction reversed…..

“I picked Wiley on a hunch….and it really paid off. His entire staff was five star. I had a case where I was charged with something unconstitutional that caused me a lot of grief over the years since I was convicted. He got it reversed and expunged, and apologized for the state’s mistake. He even got me a refund of an over payment of court fees that he caught. It’s very seldom you find an attorney who cares more about the case than just a paycheck……… Mr. Nickel is one of them.”


Trustworthy Firm, The final outcome was every bit as good as could be expected.

“I received a speeding ticket, which if I had not contested it, would have cost me quite a bit in future Insurance costs. After reviewing Attorney’s ratings on line, I decided to call the Wiley Nickel firm. I was told that they could help me. THEY DID! They were very helpful and as soon as the court decision was made they called me with the results. I am extremely pleased and now my insurance premiums will not increase.”

Wrongful conviction overturned

“This attorney and his office staff were all what every client wishes for. Not only was he good and got the results we wanted, he was always on top of it giving me updates and what we needed to do next. He seemed to care more about me and my case than just another paycheck. They also caught a mistake at the clerks office where I had over paid my court costs and got it back for me. His fee was more than fair and like I said, I wasn’t just another paycheck to him and that’s uncommon in his profession.”

High speed ticket reduced

“Wiley and his firm were incredibly helpful through the entire process. I would definitely call on him in the future, should the need arise.”


“Mr Nickel represented me in a misdemeanor case and was very helpful in explaining the ramifications of my case and setting realistic expectations. He kept me advised of court dates, what would happen when in court and what the prosecution would try to provide. My case was eventually dismissed.”


Friendly, Professional, Patient, Highly Recommended

“I wasn’t sure how to handle my case & was very scared. The case was continued a few times because the accusing party never showed up to court. I didn’t understand why the case kept being continued. Mr Nickel was very patient with me letting me know that in these type cases the court want to give time for the accusing party to show. This last time, which was the 3rd time in court, it was finally dismissed! I was in tears of relief. Mr Nickel did an outstanding job & I am very grateful to Mr Nickel & his staff who where all informative & very friendly.”

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