The Expungement Process

What to expect for your expungement case...

All Cases are Unique

Every case and every situation is unique.  The information on this page has only been provided to give you general information about North Carolina Expungement Law and not to give you specific legal advice about your case.  Please call our expungement lawyer for a free consultation to see if you are eligible to have your record erased by the process of Expungement in North Carolina.

How long does it take?

All cases are unique but generally you’re looking at around six to nine months to complete the process.  Lately we have been seeing petitions take longer due to staff shortages at the North Carolina SBI.  The size of the county in North Carolina is also involved.  We find that larger counties like Wake and Mecklenburg County are much faster than the smaller counties in North Carolina.

After your NC Expungement is Granted

An NC Expungement seals a case that has been dismissed from public view.  When the process is completed all records from the Police Department, North Carolina Courts, Sheriff’s Department (including your jail mug shot, photos on the Sheriff’s public website and fingerprints) will be sealed from the view of the general public.  In some cases your DNA can be destroyed and your DMV records can possibly be erased.  No future employers, current employers, customers, landlords, colleges and insurers can see what you have been accused of in the past.

Certain government agencies may still be able to find your criminal record after expungement but a general check of your record will show nothing. This means that a background-check done by your employer or college will usually not disclose any record of arrest or involvement in criminal activity.

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Lindsey Granados

Lindsey Granados