Expungement Eligibility

Check to see if you might qualify to have your records expunged.

You may be eligible for Expungement for the following:

  • Expungement of Juvenile Records
  • Expungement of Juvenile Records for Dismissed Cases
  • Expungement of Drug Offenses for Persons 21 and under
  • Expungement for Cases of Identity Theft
  • Expungement for Certain Very Old Misdemeanor Larceny Convictions
  • Expungement for Misdemeanor Possession of Alcohol (Under 21)
  • Expungement of  Misdemeanors Committed before 18th Birthday
  • Expungement when charges are dismissed or there are findings of not guilty.
  • Expungement when a Pardon of Innocence is Granted by the Governor
  • Expungement for first offenders (21 and younger) of certain toxic vapors/drug paraphernalia charges.
  • Expungement of certain Gang Offenses (17 and younger)
  • Expungement of non-violent felonies committed under the age of 18
  • Expungement of Older Nonviolent Misdemeanor and Felony Convictions (15 years later)

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Lindsey Granados

Lindsey Granados