Marijuana charges can carry certain side penalties that are far worse than the jail time or fines the judge may hand out at your trial. What you need to know about the collateral consequences of drug charges.

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Most of us know all too well that with a marijuana charge can come a fine, probation or even jail time.  But what you may not know is that if you have been charged with using  marijuana in North Carolina besides the direct penalties you could get, there are also side penalties that attach to such arrests.  In North Carolina those additional consequences can be worse than any actual punishments.  Some of the actions that can be imposed by the state:  You could lose everything from your student loans and welfare benefits to the right to live in public housing.  You could also lose your job or your professional license.crim thumb

Raleigh defense lawyer, Wiley Nickel is experienced in helping people who have drug related offenses.  He urges anyone with a marijuana charge to find out the full range of possible consequences and to take action.  “When someone has a marijuana charge it is entirely possible for that one charge can seriously injure his or her job prospects for life.”  The Raleigh criminal lawyer can help find the best possible outcome.  Attorney Wiley Nickel has a deep understanding of North Carolina’s laws and the collateral consequences of marijuana charges and possession of drug paraphernalia charges.

Its bad enough to face the direct consequences of a drug charge but to lose your ability to earn a living or have access to housing makes such a conviction many times worse.  So if you have been arrested on a marijuana or drug charge in North Carolina, be sure to call Wake County defense attorney Wiley Nickel at 919-585-1486 to help you today.  Our office is located in Cary, NC and we handle drug cases in the Raleigh area.

The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel is proud to welcome expungement attorney Mary Elizabeth Robertson.

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The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC is proud to announce that expunction lawyer Mary Elizabeth Robertson is bringing her social work background and passion for criminal defense work to the firm.

Mary Elizabeth, a proud North Carolina native, grew up in Washington, NC.  While pursuing an undergraduate degree in social work at East Carolina University, Mary Elizabeth spent a year interning with the District Attorney’s Office, where she gained invaluable experience interviewing, counseling, and guiding crime victims through the legal system.  After graduating summa cum laude from ECU in 2006, Mary Elizabeth was accepted at Campbell University School of Law, with plans of becoming a career prosecutor.

Mary Elizabeth RobertsonThroughout law school at Campbell, Mary Elizabeth focused her coursework, activities, and internships on written and oral advocacy and criminal law and procedure.  She was on the founding committee for the Campbell Law Innocence Project, helping write the organization’s bylaws and serving as its first Vice President, and was one of three students in her class chosen to be a Legal Research and Writing Scholar.  Her legal research and writing skills, along with her knowledge of North Carolina criminal law and evidence, were developed further in 2011 when she directly assisted the district attorney in Beaufort County in preparing for two murder trials.

In her final year of law school, Mary Elizabeth accepted an intern position at the Wake County Public Defender’s Office.  Given her strong resolution to become a prosecutor, it was the first time Mary Elizabeth used her passion for advocacy in the criminal defense context – and she was surprised to discover she’d found her calling.  Throughout her 10 month internship, Mary Elizabeth represented hundreds of indigent criminal defendants in Wake County District Court on a wide variety of misdemeanor charges.  The solid training and extensive experience she received during that time have made her a strong and effective advocate on behalf of clients.   She is well versed in the rules and regulatins concerning North Carolina expungements and can discuss the process with you at any time.


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Dismissed charges, expungements and getting a new job: What you need to know to make sure your official record is clear so you do not risk being turned down for a new job.

Did you know that if you have been arrested and charged with certain crimes in North Carolina, even if you were found not-guilty or the charge was dismissed, it remains on your public record forever? That unnecessary stain on your record may act as a red flag to anyone looking to hire you for a new job.  According to North Carolina law you may be entitled to have that dismissed charge permanently removed from your public record (expunged).  Everyone is allowed to have one charge expunged at least once in their lifetime where the result was a dismissal or a not guilty verdict.

shutterstock_scales of justice in courtRaleigh defense lawyer, Wiley Nickel helps people who have been charged with crimes that have been dismissed.  “When someone has been found not-guilty or had charges dismissed, it is very important to make sure those charges are permanently removed from your record, “says Nickel.   The Wake County criminal lawyer has a deep understanding of North Carolina’s laws and the expungement process.  If you have had charges dismissed in North Carolina, call defense attorney Wiley Nickel to help make sure your record is clear and your reputation remains spotless.

In today’s economy, it is hard enough to find a new job. Do not risk being disgraced or being turned down for a new job because your record has not been cleared.  North Carolina Expungement attorney Wiley Nickel will walk you through the process and let you know if you are eligible for an expungement of your dismissed criminal charges.  Call today at 919-585-1486 and let him help clear your record.