The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC handles expungements in Mecklenburg County North Carolina.  Are you looking for a Mecklenburg County Expungement Lawyer to help with your North Carolina Expungement? The expungement lawyers at https://expungemyncrecord.com may be able to help you clear your criminal record.  There are different rules for criminal cases that were dismissed and criminal cases that ended up with a conviction.

Don’t let that one mistake get between you and your dream job.  In a job interview, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  If you are able to erase your criminal record it’s certainly a worthwhile effort.  For many that one dismissed charge is just a bad question you don’t want to have to answer during a background check or in a job interview.  Are you eligible for a North Carolina expungement in Mecklenburg County or in the Charlotte NC Area?

The expungement process and all of the rules can be quite overwhelming.  At The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC, we have an incredible team that is well versed in the North Carolina expungement process in Mecklenburg County and Charlotte NC and would be happy to assist you. 

For a free consultation about your Mecklenburg County Expungement Lawyer and Charlotte Expungement Law Firm all you have to do is call (919) 585-1486.  You can reach us by phone or by text message.  You can also become familiar with our NC Expungement Team by visiting our website, www.expungemyncrecord.com.