Cary, NC. The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC, a boutique law firm providing high-quality defense for individuals charged with traffic and criminal offenses and expungement relief for criminal records, announced today that it has changed its name to Nickel & Granados, PLLC. Wiley Nickel founded the practice in 2011 and built a thriving law firm with a desire to help his fellow citizens navigate the criminal court system. In 2020, Attorney Lindsey Granados joined the firm, expanding the firm’s practice areas to include high-level felonies in both state and Federal courts. The new name reflects the partnership that was forged between Wiley Nickel and Lindsey Granados and is a recognition of the hard work and effort put forth by Ms. Granados representing the firm’s clients.

Nickel & Granados, PLLC is the same firm, providing the same level of high-quality legal services, with an excellent cadre of attorneys and legal assistants. When people call the firm, they can expect the same care and concern the firm has always displayed; there is simply a new name to go on the front door.

“I’m very excited to announce my partnership with Attorney Lindsey Granados and the new name for our law firm,” said Wiley Nickel, founder of the law firm. “From the first day she arrived, Ms. Granados has sought to zealously advocate for our clients and has expanded our firm’s reach to other practice areas. She has also taken over many of the day-to-day functions of managing this firm and keeping the trains running on time. Lindsey Granados is a wonderful lawyer, and I’m very glad to call her my partner and have our firm name officially recognize her contribution.” Ms. Granados stated “I am so excited to become a named partner in this firm. Wiley and I share a vision to provide consistent, top-notch legal services, always doing good work for our clients. Even though the name has changed, the wonderful people we have on staff have not, and we are honored when people call us asking for help with their legal situation.”

About Nickel & Granados, PLLC

The boutique criminal defense law firm of Nickel & Granados, PLLC practices primarily in Wake County and the Triangle; however, the firm has established a state-wide practice for criminal background expungements, and the firm’s attorneys are also barred in the Middle and Eastern Districts of North Carolina Federal Court. The firm employs four attorneys and three full-time legal assistants, and are growing and expanding, while maintaining quality, service, and professionalism. Our lawyers work every day to see that our clients are treated fairly and compassionately by the North Carolina justice system.

At Nickel & Granados, PLLC, we care about our clients. Our primary goal is to stand by your side and walk you through the very difficult process that is the criminal justice system. We listen first, so you feel heard. We fight for our clients and their interests inside and outside of the courtroom, and we always seek the best possible outcome. Regardless of whether you are charged with a traffic ticket, a first criminal offense, have a lengthy criminal record, or are charged with a high-level criminal offense, our promise to you is that we will treat your case with the care, concern, and attention to detail necessary to make sure your rights are protected.

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