Do criminal charges fall off of your record after seven years? In North Carolina, they do not. Many people believe criminal charges disappear after seven years. However, this is a myth that has likely spread because of the confusion with financial hits disappearing from your credit record after seven years.

In NC, criminal charges, including traffic infractions, remain on your adult record forever unless you have them expunged. Traffic convictions will only statutorily affect your insurance and driver’s license for three years, but will always show on your driving record if you do not file to have them expunged.

Not all charges can be expunged in North Carolina. For example, any assault convictions or DWI convictions you may have received over the age of 18 are not eligible to be expunged. Additionally, traffic infractions cannot be expunged.

Expunction law in NC changes frequently. If you have a question about your criminal background, call Granados Law Group at 919-650-2851 for more information. We handle numerous expungements daily and can likely answer your questions.