Your case is over but your record remains visible for all to see!

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If your case was dismissed, you can protect your reputation and rebuild your life through the process of Expunging your North Carolina criminal record (also called Expunction).  Even if your case was dismissed a record still remains that is visible to future employers, current employers, customers, landlords, colleges, insurers and anyone else who might do a check on your record.

If you worked with your attorney to negotiate a dismissal of your criminal charge or are found not guilty at trial your criminal arrest record will still remain.  Even if you get a voluntary dismissal the original criminal charge will always be on your record.  If your record is expunged then all searches of your record will show a clean criminal record and a clean public arrest record.  Contact NC Expungement Lawyer Melissa Botiglione for a free consultation to see if you are eligible for a North Carolina Expungement.

Why do you need a North Carolina Expungement? 

As soon as an Expungement has been granted North Carolina law states that you do not have to say you were ever arrested, charged or stood trial for the Expunged offense.  Read this very closely!  Under North Carolina Law: “no person as to whom such an order has been entered… shall be held thereafter under any provision of any law to be guilty of perjury, or to be guilty of otherwise giving a false statement or response to any inquiry made for any purpose, by reason of the person’s failure to recite or acknowledge any expunged entries concerning apprehension, charge, or trial.”

Expungement when charges are dismissed or there are findings of not guilty.

Expunction of records when the case is dismissed or there are findings of not guilty. – N.C. G.S. 15A-146

N.C. G.S. 15A-146 provides for expungement of charges in cases that were either dismissed or where a person was found not guilty.  The person cannot have any felony convictions on their record.  An individual is only allowed to use this kind of expungement as many times as they want since the law changed on December 1, 2017.  This is a great Expungement to use if your cases was dismissed under N.C. G.S. 90-96 (Conditional Discharge of First Time Drug Offenders).

Expungements Under 15A-146

  • Am I eligible? You can us a dismissal expungement as many times as you want under current law as long as you don’t have an active case or a felony conviction. Ask our law office for a free case evaluation and we’ll tell you if you’re eligible or not.
  • When are you eligible? Any age.
  • Fees? No filing fees for most dismissed case. A filing fee of $175 for court costs applies when the case is dismissed as a result of a formal deferral program where a judge has signed the deferral contract (i.e. 90/96).
  • Link to statute

    Call 1 (919) 585-1486 for a free consultation with North Carolina Expungement Lawyers Wiley Nickel & Melissa Botiglione.  If you do not qualify for an expungement you may qualify for a Certificate of Relief.


Criminal Diversion Programs in North Carolina – Know Your Options – Raleigh Expungement Lawyer

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Criminal Diversion Programs in North Carolina Can Lead to An Expungement

A criminal record is life-changing, and can compromise housing applications, gainful employment prospects, college admissions, and student loans, among other things. These difficulties impair convicted offenders’ abilities to become productive members of society and certainly make it harder to find a job.

Are you eligible for a criminal deferral program?

Enter criminal diversion programs. These valuable programs, usually geared towards first-time offenders, rehabilitate defendants, allowing them avoid a conviction upon successful completion of the program.

Adult Diversion Programs

There are a number of adult diversion programs available in North Carolina for minor or first-time offenses. Most programs are geared towards drug and alcohol offenses, but informal programs are available for other types of minor offenses as well.  Our Expungement Lawyer can explain the options.

Conditional Discharge 90/96 Program

North Carolina G.S. 90-96 allows for a dismissal of drug cases for defendants charged of certain first-time drug offenses, including possession of controlled substances or paraphernalia. To quality for this program, defendants must not have any prior drug convictions or other felony convictions.

Under this program, defendants are sometimes required to perform community service, pay court costs and fines, and complete a drug abuse assessment program and the required drug classes. If defendants complete these requirements within the approved time period and stay out of trouble the case will be dismissed.

Felony Drug Diversion Program

Defendants facing first-time felony drug charges may be eligible to participate in the felony drug diversion program. This program is much more extensive, and lasts a full year.

Defendants are required to sign an admission of guilt, submit to random drug tests, complete 225 hours of community service, meet monthly with a case manager, remain in school or employed, and avoid criminal convictions of any kind. Upon successful completion, the case will be dismissed.

Informal First Offender Programs

An informal first-time offender program may be an option for other first-time low-level offenses such as shoplifting. In this case, your defense attorney would make a deal with the Assistant District Attorney managing your case. These programs vary on a case-by-case basis, but often include restitution, community service, court fees, and potentially counseling. In Wake County these diversion programs usually involve 75 hours of community service.

Teen Court

In Wake County there is an option for some to do teen court to complete community service and participate in mock court sessions with other youthful offenders.


For many the goal is an expungement to clear all of your criminal records once the case is dismissed.  We can talk to you about your eligibility for a North Carolina expungement when/if the case is dismissed.

Contact a North Carolina Diversion Lawyer

If you are charged with a crime in Wake County, North Carolina you can contact The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel for a free consultation.  You may be able to enter into a deal that would lead to a dismissal of your case.  You can reach a Raleigh Expungeement Lawyer at 919-948-7159 to talk about your possible options for a dismissal deal and then an expungement.