NC-ExpungementIn North Carolina, generally speaking, you are only allowed one expungement in your lifetime. Expungements apply to some misdemeanors and some felonies, but do they apply to traffic tickets? Yes, however it may be best for you not to use an expungement for that purpose.

It is important to note that DWI convictions are no longer eligible to be expunged in North Carolina. As of December 1st, 2015, N.C. legislators decided to remove DWI convictions from the list of convictions which are eligible to be expunged from an individual’s record in North Carolina. However, other traffic violations may be eligible, depending on the circumstances behind the case.

Ultimately, you may want to save your expungement for more severe charges. Even though no one plans on getting in trouble in the future, things happen, and you would be thankful the expungement was not previously used on a minor traffic infraction. If you do have other charges on your record, whether they were dismissed or you plead guilty, they might be eligible to be expunged.

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