There are many ways to find your courtroom once you have arrived at the Wake County Courthouse:  


  • Visit www.nccourts.org. On the right hand side of the website select the ‘Criminal Court Dates’ link.  Select the county in which you were charged and enter your last name followed by a comma and immediately following type your first name (no spaces). Once you have located the charge you will be able to determine which court room you will need to be in and what session (AM OR PM) you will have to attend.  If you’re in courtroom 101 you can usually show up any time from 7:45 to 3:30.


  • There are few other ways to find your courtroom when you go to court.  As soon as you walk into the Wake County Courthouse you will notice a few screens. These screens list names and courtrooms for the day.  It’s a long list and usually takes a while. You may also ask the clerks which courtroom you are supposed to be in.



  • If you are a client of The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel, PLLC we always notify our clients of  their courtroom ahead of their court appearance so they don’t have to waste time looking at the scrolling screens.