This is a list of the District Court and Superior Court Judges who serve Wake County Courts.  The District Court judges only serve Wake County while the Superior Court judges rotate through Wake County and some surrounding counties.

District Judges for Wake County 4/28/14

Robert Blackwell Rader (Chief)

James R. Fullwood

Jennifer M. Green

Monica M. Bousman

Jane Powell Gray

Jennifer Jane Knox (currently running for Wake County Clerk of Court)

Debra Ann Smith Sasser

Lori G. Christian

Chrstine M. Walczyk

Eric Craig Chasse

Ned Wilson Mangum (currently the Interim Wake County District Attorney) His position will be filled by the Governor soon.

Jacqueline L. Brewer

Anna Elena Worley

Margaret Eagles

Keith O. Gregory

Vinston M. Rozier, Jr.

Michael J. Denning

Kris D. Bailey

Erin M. Graber

Louis B. Meyer (In a race for re-election against local attorney Ronnie Ainsley)

Dan Nagle


Superior Judges who serve in wake county & other nearby counties

Robert H. Hobgood

Henry W. Hight, Jr.

W. Osmond Smith III

Donald W. Stephens

Abraham P. Jones

Howard E. Manning, Jr.

Michael R. Morgan

Paul C. Gessner

Paul C. Ridgeway

G. Bryan Collins, Jr.

Orlando F. Hudson, Jr.

Elaine Bushfan

Michael O’Foghludha

James E. Hardin, Jr.

Robert F. Johnson

Wayne Abernathy

Carl R. Fox

R. Allen Baddour