Elizabeth Lauten is a Republican Congressional staff member who posted on Facebook about Sasha & Malia Obama at the annual Turkey Pardon Ceremony. She worked for Republican Congressman Steve Fincher of Tennessee as his Communications Director.

After a truly ugly offensive and inappropriate post about Sasha and Malia went viral she was deservedly forced to quit her job.
Now The Smoking Gun is reporting that she had her own “awful teenage years” and was arrested for larceny in North Carolina. See this link to the smoking gun article on her larceny arrest and deferred prosecution from Belk Department Stores in North Carolina when she was 17.
It’s pretty much a given that the children of elected officials are totally off limits. This woman’s post was hurtful and offensive and she deserves the public scorn that has come along with such a stupid post on Facebook. elizabethlautenfbpost

She also looks like a total hypocrite now that her larceny arrest and deferred prosecution has come to light. Unfortunately for her the record of her larceny arrest from Belk in North Carolina likely could have been expunged. The article says she was 17 and the case was dismissed after she completed the deferred prosecution program.

Had she hired a lawyer to file an expungement petition she could have had all public records erased as part of the North Carolina expungement process.

My law firm handles expungement work for North Carolina cases. If you have had a case dismissed you may be eligible to have the charges expunged. Just because a case has been dismissed it doesn’t mean that the charges have been erased. In North Carolina you need to file an expungement petition to erase the records of a dismissed case.

Had Elizabeth Lauten hired a North Carolina expungement lawyer to erase her public records through an expungement then nobody would have known what an “offensive and hypocritical” post she made on Facebook. They would have just been talking about what an offensive post she made on Facebook…

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