How Long Does a Charge Stay on My Record in NC?

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It’s a myth that charges will only stay on your record in North Carolina for seven years. Rather, charges in North Carolina stay on your record forever unless you have petition the court to have them expunged. Some employers may only go back so far to check your background, but some may look at your complete criminal history. Nothing in North Carolina forbids an employer from looking at your criminal background beyond seven years.

You can have certain charges in North Carolina expunged from your record, depending on what the charge is, when it was received, and what the disposition of it was. Any charge that was dismissed can generally be expunged, minus a few exceptions (such as if you signed an agreement with the Assistant District Attorney that you would not seek an expunction on the charge).
If you pleaded guilty to the charge and were over 18 at the time of the charge, you must wait 15 years before the charge can be expunged in North Carolina. That charge will remain on you record until it is expunged, if it can be.
Please note that not all charges in North Carolina can be expunged, including DWI convictions. Contact The Law Offices of Wiley Nickel at (919) 585-1486 for a free consultation on whether your charges can be expunged, and what the process is to do so. Our office handles expungements in all 100 counties in NC, and most everything can be done by phone or email. Email us at wiley@wileynickel.com for more information.


  • simon wood says:

    Hi, I had a strange situation about 4 or 5 years ago where I was pulled over and even though I allowed the officer to search all my belongings I told them I had a concealed weapon which I had a license for, and they still wrote me for the misdemeanor of not telling them about it even though I did tell them before they found it. I also passed 3 different sobriety tests that night and the officer was training a new officer telling him how to do things. I went to court and got a free lawyer who said to just follow his lead and plead guilty, told me I would pay a fine and go home so I did but I had no idea it would become a misdemeanor that would keep me from getting a job later until I applied and they told me it was on my record and it kept me from getting the job. I would like to know how much it would cost me to get it expunged and how long it would take so I can get a stay at home part time job that will help me better take care of my family. Thank you, Simon Wood 980-866-1584

  • Brad says:

    I had a ticket for possession of alcohol at 19 years old. I’m currently 42 years old and no other charges. Can I have this removed and next is it worth having it removed?

    Thanks Brad

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